“Since everything that is moved must have a mover, the problem arises: What moves the heart and exactly what kind of movement does it have? … In fact the heart’s motion does not even seem to be natural, since it is made up of opposite types of movements: push and pull. But natural motion is toward one opposite, not both…”

St. Thomas Aquinas, “On the Motion of the Heart”


Doepfer Noise/Random (Random Output) -> 2HP VCO (Input)
2HP VCO (Saw Output) -> 2HP MMF (Input)
Blue Lantern Simple ADSR V2 (Loop Mode, Output 1) -> 2HP MMF (Freg Input)
2HP MMF(LP Output) -> Blue Lantern Dwarf Star Stereo Delay (Input A, normalled to Input B internally)
Blue Lantern Dwarf Star Stereo Delay (Output A) -> 2HP VCA (Input 2)
Blue Lantern Dwarf Star Stereo Delay (Output B) -> Befaco Output V3 (R Input)
2HP VCA (Output 2) -> Befaco Output V3 (L Input)
Befaco Output Stero Delay (1/4″ L/R Outs) -> Presonus Firestudio 16.4.2 -> firewire -> Hackintosh -> Cubase 10.5 Pro