An homage to:

Daddy Gone 2020

A cover I made of the somewhat obscure yet delightful German disco hit “Daddy Cool.” (copyright cleared and mechanical right obtained) By Hans-Joerg Mayer and Franz ReutherCopyright Far Musikverlag Gmbh Und Co Kg c/o Sony/ATV Tunes LLC

Eh Tees

I haven’t used Ableton Live to produce anything, really, in quite some time. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve even powered on the Push. Figured I’d spend a little time getting reacquainted.

Music to Solder By

Net result of randomly plugging patch cables in to various modules and turning knobs without looking. Patching: // Undocumented //

Steady State Values of Pn

Patching: Arturia Keystep MIDI Out -> Mutable Instruments Yarns MIDI In Yarns CV Out -> uO_C CV1 In Yarns Gate/Trigger Out -> uO_C Trigger1 In uO_C CVA Out -> Studio Electronics Quadnic 1V/O In Quadnic Out 1 -> EMW SYNT12 VCF LPF In SYNT12 VCF Out 2 -> 2HP VCA In 2 (Bottom) 2HP VCA…

Digital Sunshine of a Binary Mind

A quick sketch created in Steinberg Cubase 10.5 Pro using the Arturia Prophet V (Prophet VS patch) from V Collection 7, controlled by the NI Komplete Kontrol S49.

De Motu Cordis (Aquinas, St. Thomas)

“Since everything that is moved must have a mover, the problem arises: What moves the heart and exactly what kind of movement does it have? … In fact the heart’s motion does not even seem to be natural, since it is made up of opposite types of movements: push and pull. But natural motion is…

P-NP Problems

Patching: # No VCO or LFO was used EMW SYNT12 VCF (self-oscillating resonance; Out 2) -> 4MS Spectral Multiband Resonator (In Odds; normaled to In Evens)4MS Spectral Multiband Resonator -> EMW SYNT12 VCF (LPF In)EMW SYNT12 VCF (Out 1)-> 2HP VCA (In)2HP VCA (Out) -> Blue Lantern Dwarf Star Stereo Delay (Input A)Blue Lantern Simple…

I Saw Tomato

Patching: Tore it down before I documented it. My recollection is the 2HP LFO was driving the 2HP S+H, along with the Doepfer A-118 Random/Noise. That was going in to the AI 001 buffer and from there to 2HP VCO, 2HP MMF, Blue Lantern Dwarf Star Stereo Delay (A Input). Another cable ran from the…

Christopher Trace was Dead Serious

Christopher Trace was the originator of the phrase, “And now for something completely different” on the BBC children’s show “Blue Peter”. Patching: Arturia KeyStep (MIDI Out) -> Mutable Instruments Yarns (MIDI In)Mutable Instruments Yarns (CV Out) -> 2HP VCO (In)2HP VCO (Triangle Out) -> EMW SYNT12 VCF (LPF In)2HP LFO (Out 1) -> EMW SYNT12…