Walking Blue Quaaudiolude in Sea

MIDI Path: Keystep -> Mutable Instruments Yarns Modulation: 2HP LFO -> EMW SYNT12 Filter (MOD 1 In)(Mutable Instruments Yarns Gate only) -> Simple ADSR v2 -> Doepfer A180-3 Buffered Multi -> Dwarf Star Stereo Delay (one A180-3 input to A-side Repeat CV, one A180-3 input to B-side Time CV) Audio path: (Mutable Instruments Yarns CV)…

Quadnic Quaaudioludes I

Quadnic experimentation easily emulating auditory tickling interface of amygdala resulting in harmonic self-oscillation of limbic system.

System Test Alpha

Synthesizing granular action items for best-in-breed wearable schemas.