MIDI Path:

Keystep -> Mutable Instruments Yarns


2HP LFO -> EMW SYNT12 Filter (MOD 1 In)
(Mutable Instruments Yarns Gate only) -> Simple ADSR v2 -> Doepfer A180-3 Buffered Multi -> Dwarf Star Stereo Delay (one A180-3 input to A-side Repeat CV, one A180-3 input to B-side Time CV)

Audio path:

(Mutable Instruments Yarns CV) -> Studio Electronics Quadnic (VCO 1 only) -> A1 001 -> EMW SYNT12 VCF -> 2HP VCA (one output from SYNT12 in to each leg of VCA) -> Blue Lantern Dwarf Star Stero Delay (one output from VCA to Input A, other to Input B) -> Befaco Out v3 (output from Dwarf Star A-side to Left input, output from Dwarf Star B-side to Right input) -> PreSonus Firestudio 16.4.2 -> Firewire -> Cubase 10 Pro on Mojave (Hackintosh)